《 A D O P T A B L E S 》

Adoptables are a staple of the old web that are slowly making a resurgence. They're little pieces of art (often pixel but not always) that you can "adopt" from a website by saving them and putting them on your own site! This particular collection of adoptables are all anime based, but adoptables can be any piece of art the artist feels like sharing.

Ghost's Anime Kitties

You couldn't go two sites in the early-mid 2000s without bumping into a page of adopts from Ghost's Anime Kitties. These kitties were a couple of my favorites, and I'm very lucky to have found them still floating around!

Sphynx Adoption Center

Ghost's Anime Kitties spawned several spin-off websites, including my personal favorite: The Sphynx Adoption Center. Li (last image) was drawn by a different artist than the creator of SAC; having several "staff" to handle requests was a common occurrence on these old adoption sites.

Lunar Silence

Another adaptation of anime animal adopts. This time, wolves! The Touya and Yuki pairs were always some of my favorites from these old collections. 💚

Fox Prints

I only found one familiar face among what's left of this anime fox adoption page, but it was the one I remember the most anyway!

Blue Clouds

Along with animals, another popular adoptable was pixel art dolls of anime characters. Blue Clouds pixel dolls were a must for any good bishounen shrine.

《 Special 》

Many of these adoption websites allowed requests for both canon characters and OCs. I remember making at least two requests myself, though my original copies have been lost over the years. Thanks to relentless archive scouring, I've managed to recover one of them!

These guys are my OCs Zac (left) and Travis (right), and were drawn by MeowthGal over at the Sphynx Adoption Center.