《 D E M X N T E E T H 》

Caz • They / Them • 30s

Howdy. I say "howdy" unironically, I'm 30-whatever, transmasc nonbinary, and not as cool as this
incredibly sick website would lead you to believe. I draw, I write, I have roughly 5,000 OCs, and
since God made the mistake of giving me hands I'm gonna make that everyone else's problem.

I like demons, teeth, aye ayes, The Once-ler, Our Flag Means Death, Markiplier, Destiny 2, and the color green.

For more about my OCs, check out my Toyhou.se! (Third button under《 L I N K S 》)
Be aware that my OCs / stories may contain triggering or problematic content.
Some general warnings include serial killers, self harm, mental illness struggles,
gore, physical / verbal / emotional abuse, and addiction